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Why is Cashback Better than Reward Points on Corporate Business Travel Cards?

Corporate business travel cards are financial tools designed for businesses. They offer a range of features and benefits tailored to the needs of companies, such as expense tracking, employee spending control, and business-related rewards. 

These cards are typically issued to the company rather than an individual. Plus, they come with higher credit limits compared to personal credit cards. 

When businesses opt for corporate business travel cards, one of the major decisions they face is whether to choose cards that offer cashback or ones that provide reward points. The choice of either card can significantly impact a company’s finances and overall satisfaction with the card. 

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of cashback over reward points, helping businesses make informed decisions when selecting the right card for their corporate needs.

Difference Between Cashback and Reward Corporate Business Travel Cards

Cashback credit cards offer a percentage of the money spent back to the cardholder, usually as a statement credit or direct deposit. In contrast, reward point credit cards offer points or miles for each dollar spent, which can be redeemed for various rewards, such as travel, merchandise, or gift cards. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Corporate Business Travel Cards

Selecting the appropriate corporate business travel card is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your company’s financial management and overall success. Here’s why choosing the right card is so important.

Tailored to Your Needs: Different businesses have varying requirements when it comes to travel cards. By selecting a card that aligns with your company’s spending patterns, industry, and goals, you can maximize the benefits and rewards offered by the card.

Cost Savings: The right card can help reduce costs associated with employee spending, as well as offer rewards or cashback, which can translate into savings for your business.

Expense Management: An appropriate card can simplify expense tracking and reporting, making it easier to monitor and control spending, leading to better financial management.

Employee Satisfaction: Corporate business travel cards with attractive perks and benefits can boost employee satisfaction, especially for frequent business travelers, and contribute to a positive work environment.

Financial Stability: Proper use of a corporate travel card can contribute to financial stability and creditworthiness, which can be beneficial when applying for loans or seeking favorable financing terms.

Advantages: Cashback Over Rewards

The debate over whether cashback or reward points are the better choice for business cards has been a point of contention. Here are some advantages that cashback business cards offer, which you must consider. 

Tangible Benefits

Cashback Cards: With cashback cards, businesses receive a direct and tangible benefit in the form of cash. This cash can be used to offset the credit card balance, reinvest in the company, or cover specific business expenses. This direct financial boost is often more appealing to businesses looking for immediate value.

Reward Cards: Reward cards offer rewards in the form of points or miles, which may need to be accumulated over time before they can be redeemed. The value of these rewards can vary, and businesses may need to navigate complex redemption options.


Cashback Cards: Cashback provides businesses with the ultimate flexibility. They can use the cashback as they see fit, without restrictions. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt to changing needs or allocate the cash where it’s needed most.

Reward Cards: Reward business corporate cards often come with restrictions on how points or miles can be redeemed. The redemption options are predetermined by the issuer, limiting the flexibility and adaptability of the rewards.


Cashback Cards: Cashback is straightforward and easy to understand. The benefit is typically expressed as a percentage of spending, making it easy for businesses to calculate and assess the value they receive from the card.

Reward Cards: Reward point systems can be complex, involving conversion rates, blackout dates, and specific redemption conditions. This complexity can make it challenging for businesses to understand and maximize the true value of their rewards.

Value for Various Businesses

Cashback Cards: Cashback cards are well-suited for businesses that value simplicity, transparency, and flexibility. They are particularly appealing to businesses with variable spending patterns, as the cashback remains constant, regardless of how it’s used.

Reward Cards: Reward business corporate cards may be more suitable for businesses with consistent, high-volume spending that aligns with specific redemption options, such as frequent business travelers who can maximize travel rewards.

Lower Fees and Interest Rates

Cashback Cards: Cashback cards often come with lower annual fees and interest rates because the cashback system is simpler and less resource-intensive for the corporate business card issuer.

Reward Cards: Reward cards may have higher annual fees and interest rates due to the additional complexity of managing a points-based system and offering various redemption options.

Avoiding Unused Points

Cashback Cards: Cashback is used fully and immediately. There’s no risk of accumulating points that go unused or expire, ensuring businesses receive the full value of their spending.

Reward Cards: Unused or expired reward points can result in a loss of value. Businesses must stay vigilant to avoid the waste of hard-earned points.


Cashback Cards: Cashback systems are often more transparent, as the cashback percentage and the amount received are clearly defined. Businesses can easily calculate and track their cashback earnings, providing a straightforward way to assess the value of the card.

Reward Cards: Reward point systems may lack transparency, making it challenging for businesses to determine the true value of their accumulated points. Redemption values may fluctuate, and the terms and conditions for rewards can be intricate.

Ultimately, it is advisable to choose cashback cards over rewards because cashback offers simplicity and immediate financial benefits. With cashback, users receive a percentage of their spending back in cash, which can be used for any purpose, such as paying bills, investing in the business, or covering expenses. 

This straightforward approach makes it easy to realize the full value of the corporate business card without the restrictions often associated with reward point systems. For instance, a business owner might opt for a cashback card to receive a direct 2% cash rebate on all purchases, effectively saving $2 for every $100 spent, with no need to worry about blackout dates, redemption rules, or unused points.

Unlock Exceptional Savings and Benefits with ITILITE Corporate Travel Payment Cards

With ITILITE’s business corporate cards, you can streamline your corporate expenses and enjoy a generous cashback program. The card offers many enticing benefits.

1.5% Cashback: ITILITE boasts the best cashback rate in the industry, with an impressive 1.5% cashback. This means that for every eligible transaction, you receive 1.5% of the amount spent back in cash.

Direct Cash Transfer: Forget about the complexity of reward programs. With ITILITE, the cashback you earn is transferred directly to your company’s account. This straightforward process ensures that you get the benefits without any hassle or confusion.

Unlimited Virtual and Physical Cards: Flexibility is a top priority for ITILITE. You have the option to issue an unlimited number of virtual and physical cards, all without incurring any fees. Whether you require just one card or a hundred for your company’s travel needs, ITILITE has you covered.

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