business travel wishlist

Creating an effective business travel wishlist for the sales and marketing teams is crucial for companies especially when the top-line revenue comes from them traveling across towns, states, and time zones.

Travel has always been key for sales and marketing positions. They must meet prospects in person to improve relationships and close deals. It has always been critical to closing a deal with a customer. They can have a meaningful conversation in person and form a strong relationship.

The corporate travel wishlist is back, in-person events and meetings are happening again, and S&M teams are back on the road, meeting many people. However, many things have changed since travel took a backseat in the last few years.

To fully comprehend the future needs and wants of corporate travel wishlists, we have sought the insights of experts. Their views on the business travel wishlist items are crucial for the development of a comprehensive and well-rounded business travel program. Download the whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of what sales and marketing leaders desire in their ideal corporate travel processes.

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Top Desires of Sales & Marketing Leaders in the US

For sales and marketing leaders in the US, business travel is the lifeblood of building relationships, closing deals, and driving brand awareness. However, navigating the often stressful world of airports, layovers, and expense reports can leave even the most seasoned traveler yearning for a smoother experience. This is where the concept of a business trip wishlist comes in.

This wishlist isn’t just about luxury upgrades and complimentary airport massages (although those wouldn’t hurt!). It’s about practical tools and solutions that empower sales and marketing teams to be more productive, efficient, and ultimately, more successful on the road. So, what exactly tops the list for US-based sales and marketing leaders? Let’s dive into the top five desires:

1. Seamless Booking and Itinerary Management: Gone are the days of juggling multiple travel confirmation emails and paper itineraries. Sales and marketing leaders crave a corporate travel wishlist that prioritizes streamlined booking platforms. Imagine a system that integrates seamlessly with their calendars, suggests flight options based on previous preferences, and allows for one-click booking for the entire team. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the margin for error when managing complex travel schedules.

2. Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Travel Decisions: Today’s business travel wishlist embraces the power of data. Sales and marketing leaders want to be able to analyze past travel patterns and spending habits to optimize future trips. This could include insights on preferred destinations, cost-effective routes, and hotel options that align with company policies and budgets. With this kind of data at their fingertips, leaders can make informed choices about travel arrangements, ultimately maximizing ROI for their travel budget.

3. Mobile Optimization for On-the-Go Efficiency: Business travel often means being constantly on the move. Sales and marketing leaders need travel tools that are accessible and user-friendly on their mobile devices. A corporate travel wishlist for the US market prioritizes mobile apps that allow for real-time itinerary updates, flight changes, and expense tracking. Imagine being able to approve travel requests or submit expense reports while waiting for a connecting flight. This level of mobile optimization empowers leaders to stay productive and informed, even when they’re away from their desks.

4. Prioritizing Duty of Care for Team Safety: The safety and well-being of their teams are paramount for sales and marketing leaders. In today’s business trip wishlist, features that prioritize duty of care are a must-have. This could include real-time travel alerts, emergency assistance hotlines, and localized safety resources readily available within the travel booking platform. Additionally, some platforms offer integrated travel insurance options, providing an extra layer of security for team members on the road.

5. Frictionless Expense Management: Expense reports are often cited as one of the most dreaded aspects of business travel. For sales and marketing leaders, a travel wishlist includes solutions that streamline the expense management process. Imagine a system that automatically captures receipts through a mobile app, integrates seamlessly with corporate credit cards, and simplifies expense report submission and approval workflows. This not only saves time and reduces administrative burden but also ensures accurate expense tracking and simplifies accounting for the company.

Final Thoughts

By understanding the business trip wishlist of sales and marketing leaders, corporate travel management companies can develop solutions that cater to their specific needs. 

By prioritizing efficiency, data-driven insights, mobile optimization, duty of care, and streamlined expense management, business travel in the US can become a more productive, rewarding, and less stressful experience for everyone involved.