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Flat 1.5% cashback on all card spends 

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Itilite partners with FifthThird bank for issuing cards.
No, You may pay down your Itilite Card from an external bank account via easy third-party ACH pulls.
Yes, Itilite card works internationally wherever the Master Card network is accepted. However, there is an international transaction charge.
Itilite cards offer a range of payment terms (subject to underwriting approval)
– Prefunded
– Daily billing
– Weekly billing
– Bi-weekly billing
– Monthly billing/1-day payment
– Monthly billing/7-day payment
Yes, Itilite cards can be used for any business spend.
Itilite cards can only be shipped within the US and Canada.
Itilite card is free to use, and comes with 1.5% cashback on all spend. That means no user fees, no annual fees, and no additional card or card replacement fees.
You can issue unlimited virtual cards
You can issue 1 physical card per employee (no limit on number of employees)
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