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A SaaS solution that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and employees’ safe return-to-office.

WorkInSync is a SaaS solution created with a vision of helping organizations establish a hybrid work model, while ensuring employee safety. With flexibility, collaboration and productivity as its core values, WorkInSync is focused on optimizing and simplifying office operations for different stakeholders. With WorkInSync, you can prepare and align your team across multiple locations, ease commuting woes, and enhance workplace safety.

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Product USPs:

WorkInSync offers a use case for different stakeholders in an organization. These include:

  • Employees
  • Team Managers
  • Facility & Admin / Workspace Heads
  • HR Managers
  • CXOs

Whether a mid-sized organization or a large enterprise, WorkInSync is perfect for any company looking to adopt the hybrid work model.


What WorkInSync offers for Employees?

Work Preference Selection: Employees can select their preferred day, time, and work location, while also aligning it with their colleagues for better collaboration.

Desk Booking: Employees can select their preferred desks, amenities, parking space, and even commute options with voice-enabled desk booking options.

Contactless Access Management: The QR-based Digipass and thermal scanner allows employees to enter the office without touching foreign surfaces.

Wayfinding: Accurate and interactive floor plans ensure that employees can find desks and meeting rooms without any effort.

Cafeteria Seat Booking: Employees can find seats in the cafeteria and pre-book meals with this simple feature.
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What WorkInSync offers for Managers & C-suites?

Team Scheduling: Team Managers & Business Heads can supervise their team’s shifts and schedules by deciding who will work from home / office on which days.

Workspace Management: From allocating workspaces to overriding existing bookings, Workspace / Facility Managers can control every aspect of the office.

Office Access Management: Workspace / Facility Managers can manage and monitor employees and visitors coming to the office using the QR-based Digipass.

Workspace Usage Analytics: Workspace / Facility Managers can get real-time analytics on floor occupancy, seat and meeting room utilization, sanitization status, and audit logs to make data-driven decisions.

Office Sanitization Management: Workspace / Facility Managers can track and manage the office sanitization process, they can check which desk/ meeting room was last sanitised.

Armed with WorkInSync, employers can seamlessly adopt the hybrid work model.

Our clientele includes reputed names from the BFSI, Infrastructure, Media & Advertising, and Consulting industries.

Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!