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How To Create Business Travel Request Form (+Free Template)

Get a customizable business travel request form that you can share with employees.

Megha Laroia December 21, 2021
out of office messages

5 Perfect Out Of Office Messages That You Can Use Right Away

Here are some sample out of office messages that you can use right away!

Megha Laroia December 15, 2021

A Handy Guide For International Business Etiquettes

Know global business etiquettes that will help you build strong relations with clients.

Megha Laroia December 09, 2021

Corporate Travel Itinerary Templates For A Successful Trip

Corporate travel itinerary templates that you can use right away!

Megha Laroia December 03, 2021

TSA PreCheck: Everything You Need To Know And More

Know how to get TSA PreCheck and the tips on using the membership for the first time.

Megha Laroia November 26, 2021

A global sports brand enhances travel experience by 1.5x with ITILITE

A global sports brand which focuses on injecting speed and agility...

Debadrita Banik November 17, 2021

The Ultimate Business Travel Packing Checklist

Get a free business travel packing checklist that will help you be equipped for whatever comes your way!

Megha Laroia November 17, 2021

15 Best Gifts For Business Travelers In 2023

Here are some gift ideas for business travelers - they are useful and trendy!

Megha Laroia November 09, 2021
managed travel program

What Is A Managed Travel Program And How Can It Help You

A managed travel program balances a traveler's needs with goals of the company.

Megha Laroia September 29, 2021
ITILITE helps Capillary save on business travel costs

Capillary Delights Employees Through Gamified Business Travel

  ITILITE partners with Capillary Tech Capillary technologies effectively leveraged the...

Shashank Gupta September 20, 2021
Mileage Reimbursement Policy

How To Create An Effective Mileage Reimbursement Policy (+Free Policy Template)

Know the importance of a mileage reimbursement policy.

Team ITILITE September 17, 2021

Business Travel Expenses 101: Everything You Need To Know

Know all about business travel expenses and how to manage them efficiently.

Team ITILITE September 14, 2021

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