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Seamless Bookings, Outstanding Support for Hassle-free Exactera Trips

July 03, 2023

The tech first company, Exactera (formerly known as CrossBorder), wanted a tech-first travel solution for its employees to save time, improve traveler experience and make spends tracking easy. That is why they chose ITILITE.

With ITILITE they found a self-sufficient travel booking platform that was easy to use and to implement, and had a quick response time for both travelers and stakeholders. Employees were able to book their travel themselves across the globe. Unlike earlier, on the same platform, they could also book their stay and car rental.

At the time of any cancellations or scheduling, the travelers could themselves reach out to support and get the issue resolved in a few minutes. The stakeholders didn’t have to leave what they were doing and worry about this, ITILITE took care of it all.

A consolidated view of all the travel spends made it easy for the stakeholder to monitor spends. They could download all the invoices together which made accounting as well easier. 

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