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How do dynamic policies work?

When you select the “Dynamic limit,” the ITILITE system automatically determines the dynamic price aka budget to beat per room per night price according to the booking location and time. This way, employees get good-rated, cost-efficient hotel booking options automatically, and you don’t have to worry about price fluctuations.

While configuring the dynamic limit, you need to define the following:

  • Maximum star: This is the highest star rating from which the dynamic price will be calculated. The price for a 1-star hotel will be much lower than a 5-star hotel in the same area. ITILITE recommends a 3-star rating for best cost vs quality dynamic price.
  • Maximum price cap: here, you can define the maximum price limit employees are allowed per room per night.
  • Flexibility: In case you are not sure of the dynamic price limit, add flexibility over it. This way you can configure a certain percentage of flexibility on the dynamic price limit per room per night defined by the ITILITE system. As a result, the employees will be able to book rooms that might be priced slightly higher than the optimum price limit.

For instance, if you have configured 20% flexibility, and the dynamic price limit fetched by the ITILITE system is 200 USD, the travelers will be allowed to book rooms costing up to 240 USD.

ITILITE recommends 20% flexibility on a dynamic limit. You can set up the maximum budget according to your overall travel spending.

Hence, the “Dynamic limit” configuration can help you maximize savings.

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