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Downloading Invoices

  • Why can I not download the invoices?
    • Bill of Supply (BOS) will be available on the platform in T+2 days (transaction date + 2 days). If you are trying to download the invoices before that, the invoices will not be available.
    • Service fee invoices will be available on the platform by the 5th of every succeeding month.
    • Credit notes will be available on the platform in T+3 days (transaction date + 3 days).
  • Can prior period tax invoices be revised?No. Any revision or correction of tax invoices needs to be intimated to us within 7 working days of receiving the invoice. After 7 days, requests for revision of invoices will not be entertained.
  • Is signed BOS available on the portal?As per GST provisions related to E-invoicing, signed BOS is not mandatory. However, you will get signed invoices for all taxable transactions billed by ITILITE.
  • How can I claim a credit for TDS?
    1. Deposit TDS u/s 194C.
    2. File TDS Return mapping with ITILITE PAN Number which is AAECI3595D.
    3. Generate Form 16A from Traces Portal.
    4. Email at ar@itilite.com
    5. Once we process the TDS Form, we will credit the refund in the bank account or wallet within 5 working days.

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