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The Future of Business Travel Partnerships

Think of business travel like a car you are not driving right now...

Team ITILITE October 23, 2020

Here Comes the Travel Manager 4.0!

BIG changes that will change the game in the New Normal

Team ITILITE October 20, 2020

Is your T&E health check-up to date?

Travel & travel related expenditures tend to comprise about 90% ...

Team ITILITE October 20, 2020

Reshaping Business Travel in the With-COVID World

Business strategy tends to be long term, since changes made at a company level...

Team ITILITE July 02, 2020

Living for the Future – The ITILITE response to COVID

The ITILITE response to COVID-19 & how we can make business travel safe again

Team ITILITE July 01, 2020

Whitepaper: Business Travel as a Growth Strategy – A CFO View

Building scalable, cost optimum businesses on the backs of efficient travel...

Team ITILITE January 20, 2020

Business Travel Done the Netflix Way

"You are a road warrior. You spend a lot of time...

Team ITILITE November 15, 2019

Frequent business traveler? Here's how you can save up to 30%

Originally published on ZEE Business Indian organizations spend huge money on...

Team ITILITE October 01, 2019

Employees and Businesses Can Cash in on Cheaper Business Trips

Originally published on Oracle for Startups blog If you live out...

Team ITILITE September 28, 2019

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