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Best Practices for Creating a Business Travel Approval Process

Here are the best practices companies can deploy to create a suitable business travel request approval process.

Yukti Verma April 27, 2023

9 Reasons to Avoid Booking Business Travel on a Consumer Travel App

Read this blog to learn about 9 reasons to avoid booking from a consumer travel app.  

Yukti Verma April 20, 2023

Team Up and Take Off: With ITILITE Events Travel

Manage team travel events seamlessly on a single platform with ITILITE's state-of-the-art Events Travel feature.

Yukti Verma April 19, 2023
travel booking by single person

Reasons Why You Should Not Assign a Single Person to Book Travel

Let's see the disadvantages when a single person books travel for the company.

Yukti Verma April 06, 2023
essentials aspects of travel policy

9 Things to Address While Designing or Reviewing Your Travel Policy

let's check out the essentials aspects to consider while designing your company's travel policy.

Yukti Verma March 28, 2023
quality of TMC travel support

11 Questions to Ask to Assess the Support of a TMC

Here are 11 questions you should ask a TMC to evaluate its travel support.

Yukti Verma March 02, 2023
TMC Pricing models

How to Choose Among Various TMC Pricing Models?

Read this blog to learn more about various TMC pricing models prevalent in the travel industry and which one is suitable for your company.

Yukti Verma February 02, 2023
roi of business travel-ITILITE advantage

Blog Series: Ways Companies Are Planning to Improve the Travel ROI in 2023- Part 3

In the last part of the blog series, let's see how having the ITILITE advantage can help companies optimize ROI of business travel.

Yukti Verma January 24, 2023
roi of business travel

Blog Series: Ways Companies Are Planning to Improve the Travel ROI in 2023- Part 2

Let's see the steps companies are taking to increase the travel ROI.

Yukti Verma January 17, 2023

Blog Series: Ways Companies are Planning to Improve the Travel ROI in 2023- Part 1

In the first part of blog series, let's see the finding of ITILITE survey.

Yukti Verma January 10, 2023
business travel data

How to Use Business Travel Data Effectively for Optimizing the Business Travel Process?

Let's see how you can use travel data to optimize the business travel process.

Yukti Verma January 03, 2023
business travel accident insurance

Business Travel Accident Insurance Explained

Know all about business travel accident insurance

Yukti Verma December 20, 2022

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