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Group Booking With ITILITE

Page Industries leverages ITILITE’s group booking capability for their conference

Page Industries leverages ITILITE's group booking capability for their 500+ people sales conference.

Debadrita Banik May 18, 2023
business travel wishlist

Business Travel Wishlist of Sales & Marketing Leaders

Download the whitepaper to know what sales and marketing leaders crave for in an ideal business travel program.

Debadrita Banik November 03, 2022

Virtually Anywhere: The future of business travel, hybrid events, and working from office

As the pandemic withers away, 6 business leaders come forward to share their thoughts on how the future of travel, events and working from office looks like.

Debadrita Banik August 22, 2022

ITILITE helps Praj Industries speed up the trip booking process by 70%

Praj Industries boosts the speed of booking process by 70% with...

Debadrita Banik March 25, 2022
Ankush Bindra on Omicron impact on business travel

Ankush Bindra on Omicron and the future of Business Travel

Speaking in an interaction with ITILITE’s Top Drawer Travel Talks Season...

Debadrita Banik March 03, 2022

Automation Anywhere India streamlines travel management using ITILITE

Automation Anywhere India partners with ITILITE to streamline travel management Automation...

Debadrita Banik March 02, 2022

Winning Travel With Data In The Post Pandemic Era

Digitalization has made it increasingly easier for organizations to ensure data...

Debadrita Banik December 21, 2021

How Toshiba improved business travel efficiency by 95% with ITILITE

Toshiba enhances their business travel efficiency with ITILITE Toshiba's manufacturing hubs...

Debadrita Banik December 09, 2021

ITILITE Is Ula's New Corporate Expense Partner

Ula welcomes expense automation with ITILITE No matter how small or...

Debadrita Banik November 23, 2021

A global sports brand enhances travel experience by 1.5x with ITILITE

A global sports brand which focuses on injecting speed and agility...

Debadrita Banik November 17, 2021
How this industry leader achieve operational excellence with ITILITE

How a Used-car Industry Leader built an audit-ready travel program

  With outlets spread nationwide, this frontrunner in the used car...

Debadrita Banik October 07, 2021
E-commerce brand saved 1.4 Cr. annually with ITILITE

How this e-retailer saved up to $180k annually with ITILITE!

ITILITE drives T&E savings for this e-commerce brand A leader in...

Debadrita Banik October 06, 2021

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